Adult Education Classes

The Adult Education Team offers classes for both classroom and online learning settings. Since we are an ecumenical congregation with members of different faith backgrounds, we try to mix traditional topics along with more progressive ones, and usually include a Bible study.

Traditional topics included: Early Christianity, The Holy Land, Luther and the Reformation, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Graceful Aging, Death and Dying, What's So Amazing About Grace? Sanctuary, The Courage to Be, Heaven and Hell

Progressive topics included: Beyond Fundamentalism, Living the Questions, The Underground Church, The Modern Church, Buddhism, Spiritual Literacy, and On the Brink of Everything

Bible studies included: Parables of Jesus, The Story, Books of the Pentateuch, weekly worship lectionary, Inspired:Loving the Bible Again, God With Us, Thy Will Be Done, and Bible Stories For Big Kids

Online classes included selections from Terry Hershey, seminars from Roanoke College, The Universal Christ, and Summer With the Psalms

Sunday Morning Classes
Meet at 9:15 a.m. on Sunday

"The Graces" Women's Bible Study
Meets at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday

Thursday Bible Study
Meets at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday
This group began studying together before the foundation of Trinity Ecumenical Parish and their fellowship and study led to the desire to worship together and the eventual creation of the parish.

Spiritual Growth

Companions for the Journey

Companions for the Journey is a small group ministry designed to help grow an individual’s relationship with God. This is accomplished both independently and in community with other like-minded seekers. The role of the “companions” is to support and assist each other as we love, serve, learn and grow together in Christ at Trinity Ecumenical Parish. Through prayer and discernment, and the sharing of ideas and experiences, common threads became apparent and core values emerged within this circle of companionship.

As a small group, Companions for the Journey provides opportunities for spiritual formation such as Days Apart and special programming, but looks to collaborate with other existing ministries and broaden its program offerings as the needs of the congregation are identified.  Currently, Days Apart are scheduled twice a year, and allow time for discussion and fellowship, as well as time for personal reflection and meditation. The possibilities are endless however, and future endeavors could include centering prayer groups, prayer partners and contemplative worship. Active participants have experienced the work of the Holy Spirit within the creative synergy of this community, and welcome all interested individuals to come and see what awaits you!