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Bible Studies

We encourage our church family to get together outside of worship times for Bible Study. Our parish offers a range of options.
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Thursday Morning Bible Study

Join us every Thursday at 10am on Zoom for a study of the week’s Scripture readings. 

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Forgiveness: Sunday Morning Educational Hour

Join Deacon Michael O'Donnell for an enlightening Sunday morning educational hour series on Forgiveness. Delve into the essence of the Gospel as we explore the challenging yet essential aspect of living a Christ-centered life. From biblical theology to poignant documentaries and insightful handouts, this multimedia presentation promises to deepen our understanding and practice of forgiveness. Bring your bibles and an open heart as we journey together through the theological, experiential, and emotional dimensions of this universal theme. Let's struggle and find hope together on Sundays from June 23 to the end of August. Shalom.

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