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Bible Studies

We encourage our church family to get together outside of worship times for Bible Study. Our parish offers a range of options.
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Thursday Morning Bible Study

Join us every Thursday at 10am on Zoom for a study of the week’s Scripture readings. 

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Building a Biblical Foundation for Your Faith

Would you like to know more about the Bible and have a better grasp of why the Bible has been so important to so many people over so many centuries?  Are you interested in understanding more about the people of the Bible and the significance of their stories?  Do you want more insights into the themes and the symbolism of the Bible?


We invite you to join Pastor Emeritus Gary Scheidt for an exploration of the Bible that will feed all of those hungers and provide nourishment for your faith.  Beginning Sunday, March 5 Gary will launch a thirty-six session series we are calling “Building a Biblical Foundation for Your Faith.”  These sessions will meet at TEP on Sunday mornings from 9:20 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.  Each week there will be a video presentation by Professor Craig R. Koester from Luther Seminary (Where Pastor Philip completed his Doctor of Ministry degree) followed by time for questions and discussion. These lectures are from “Reading Biblical Literature: Genesis to Revelation” from The Great Courses by The Teaching Company.  Gary and Liz have used this course in their personal study and find Professor Koester to be a person of deep faith who communicates in a clear and engaging manner.  You will not be bored and you will receive meaningful insights.

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Healthy Congregations Series

It’s been over fifteen years since Trinity Ecumenical Parish first experienced the powerful insights into church life that are contained in the series of workshops known as “Healthy Congregations.”  Many of our current members were not around then so Pastor Philip Bouknight and Pastor Emeritus Gary Scheidt are dusting off their notebooks and preparing a Lenten series in which everyone is invited to participate.  “Healthy Congregations” is built on the premise that a church congregation is a living organism which can be healthy and functional but which also has the potential to become unhealthy and even toxic.  What are the signs of good health in a congregation?  What habits do we need to develop in order to maintain good health?  How can we “immunize” our congregations against some of the most common “diseases” that can infect them? 


Please plan to join us on four Sunday afternoons (2pm) in Lent beginning March 5.  Come to listen and to engage in conversation.  Be prepared to be challenged, to grow, to laugh and to learn how to maintain a healthy “body of Christ” at TEP.

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