Stewards of Earth

A Challenger for Lent

Franklin County no longer recycles plastic (or glass) as there is no market for plastics at this time. Bedford residents are still able to recycle certain plastics items and glass.

Plastics are filling our landfills and polluting our waterways and oceans. We must all do our share in preventing this!

The Stewards of the Earth are asking the congregation to challenge ourselves in some small way to use less plastic during Lent and to reuse or recycle where we can.

Could you, in the 40 days of Lent, select one or two ways to use less plastic?

For example:

When shopping groceries, bring a reusable tote or ask for paper bags.

Switch to a refillable water bottle instead of buying water in individual plastic bottles.

Buy orange juice and other drinks in a carton rather than a plastic bottle.

Bring used egg cartons to church for reuse by LCM. Any cartons LCM doesn’t need are given to local farmers. Buy eggs in molded pulp cartons rather than Styrofoam.

A big thank you to all who bring your pill bottles for reuse by veterinarian Dr. Luke, who appreciates your help. We also thank those who bring in eyeglasses, aluminum cans, pop-tops, and of course, items to sell at Trinity Treasures.

Will you accept this challenge?

Some Ways to Use Less Plastic*

  • Reuse and repurpose your plastics.

  • When offered a choice, select paper, glass, or metal packaging.

  • Carry a travel mug.

  • Stop using plastic straws.

  • Buy powdered detergent (boxed).

*Excerpted from “20 Ways to Use Less Plastic,”


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